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InteroCloud's Automated SMS Reminders Feature

Sending SMS reminders for medical appointments can be an effective way to improve appointment attendance rates and patient engagement.

sms reminders interocloud


Improve Appointment Attendance Rates With SMS Reminders

Using the InteroCloud’s SMS reminders feature can help reduce the number of missed appointments, which can result in a better use of healthcare resources and reduce healthcare costs.

SMS reminders are quick and easy to set up, automate and send. This can save you and your staff significant time and resources as it reduces the need for manual follow-up phone calls.

Check Out Our Practice Management Software Other Main Features

Intuitive Appointment Scheduler

Our practice management system includes an intuitive appointment scheduler that makes it easy to schedule appointments and manage cancellations. With our appointment scheduler, you can quickly and easily schedule appointments, view appointment histories, and manage patient information.

Customizable Medical Charts

Our customized medical charts allow medical professionals to create their own  medical charts  templates that suit their unique needs. This allows for personalized care and streamlined communication.

Comprehensive Electronic Health Records

The Electronic Health Records (EHR) makes it easy to keep track of your patients’ medical histories, treatments, and outcomes. With our system, you can easily record and track patient information and access records from any device.

Packages For Recurring Services

Enables medical clinics to offer subscriptions or packages for recurring services to their patients. This feature allows clinics to create custom packages for services that are performed regularly, such as routine check-ups, monthly treatments, or ongoing therapies.

Reports & Statistics

The practice management system generates reports and statistics to help medical professionals analyze their patient data and improve their practice. You can even export all these reports in Excel or PDF files, making it easier to keep track of everything.


The InteroCloud Practice Management System is designed to streamline administrative operations, improve efficiency, and enhance patient care by providing accurate and comprehensive patient information.