InteroCloud Management SRL is a Romanian private company. We are an international provider of IT services and cloud-based software solutions and we focus our attention on medical software services in Europe, Asia and the US. We strive to have a unique position in the market to provide exactly what our customers need most – complex cloud solutions that meet customer requirements.

We believe that medical services providers deserve instruments that are as modern, well-designed and easy to use as those found elsewhere in everyday life. Our mission, therefore, was to create a cloud based practice management software. The InteroCloud Practice Management solution is designed for healthcare providers to help them maximize their business efficiency.

Nowadays, successful medical services providers use sophisticated and intelligent computer products. The online medical software InteroCloud Practice Management, will help you achieve better quality care for patients, perform and track appointments with ease, check-in patients, and know at any time which patients are already in the waiting room. You can add new patients, access patient records, medical visits history, and treatment plans.

InteroCloud Practice Management helps healthcare centres eliminate unnecessary paper, improving patient care. Our cloud based EHR solution offers exceptional flexibility – no matter your medical specialty. We know that maintaining a balance between business management and the provision of top healthcare services can be a challenge.



Bring value to businesses in the healthcare arena by offering modern and efficient software solutions and make business management more efficient.


We started from the idea of creating an intuitive management system, complex and easy to use, applying the latest technologies and innovations in the field.


We always put the customers first and we are open to implement their suggestions. We offer quality services at an excellent price-quality ratio.


We show great importance to the relationship with our clients, developing solid partnerships based on fast response and professionalism.

“The partnership with InteroCloud is more than just a business relationship. We help clients streamline their business management and focus strictly on the most important part of their business: the PATIENT.”